Deceptive – Emily Lloyd-Jones Review

Deceptive is the second book in the Illusive series by Lloyd-Jones and it was fantastic! 

This series takes place about 30 years into the future where a cure was created to aid victims of a severe meningitis epidemic. However, o.ooo3 percent of the victims that took the vaccine have gained one of these abilities: precognition, body manipulation, perfect recall, levitation, telepathy, induce illusions and mind control (in order from most to least common). The story follows an illusionist teenage girl named Ciere. Along with her best friend she finds herself in some sticky situations running away from the Feds and criminals alike. 

Now, in the sequel, it begins four months after the end of Illusive with Ciere and Alan training with Guntram and the Gyr Sundicate. After Alan is accused of murder by Guntram, Ciere travels to Washington D.C. To clear his name and find the real killer. She crosses paths with Daniel; who is working with the FBI as instructed by Aristeus, and Devon; the best friend she left behind who finds himself also working for Aristeus. Although they each have different motives, they work together to find the criminal; Maya Cooper. 

I absolutely loved this book! It was a lot better than the first one which I would rate a 3.5/5 stars. Deceptive was full of action and suspense; I never wanted to put it down! Ciere is a bit more mature in this book, probably due to her life changing experiences. I really appreciate that even though Ciere is technically the only main female character, the author does not give her a long triangle. The romance is very brief and mostly happens at the end. I’m really happy that Lloyd-Jones left Devon and Ciere’s relationship as best friends and not some kind of romantic thing. I also really like that Ciere and Daniel approach each other like brother and sister. It’s really refreshing. 

(Spoilers) I was surprised Aron Macourek ended up being Aristeus. I can’t believe I didn’t see that coming! It was shocking. I am upset about how Devon reacted to Ciere protecting herself and Alan at the end of the book. Devon knows Ciere better than anyone and his view of her completely changed after that.. I don’t think that was fair. I was also suppressed to find out that Gervais was a levitas! (End spoilers)

All in all, Each chapter was filled with action, seriously there was not a dull moment. In the first novel, it is compared to X-Men and where I can see how that connection is made, this series stands all on its own. 

Definitely worth reading! 

4/5 stars 



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