Rook by Sharon Cameron Review

When I started reading Rook, I really wasn’t expecting anything from it and that is the best possible way to go into a book. I had read the synopsis when I first bought it but other than that I didn’t know anything about it. I can say that Shaton Cameron blew me away!

Rook takes place in future Paris years after a revolution that prohibited the use of technology. We follow a girl named Sophia Bellamy, her family and her friends. In the heart of Paris, someone by the name of The Red Rook has been releasing prisoners from their cells and the minister of security will stop at nothing until he finds out who it is. When Sophia’s father signs her off to marry the handsome but suspicious René Hassard, her best friend Spear Hammond starts acting weird and her brother is wrongly accused of being the Red Rook, Sophia will have to learn who she really is and how much her family needs her. 

The story is told in third person, usually with Sophia, however we do get some others’ perspective like the minister of security. The writing style was very flowing and easy to jump into. At the beginning, there are some lines in French (but since I understand the language, this did not cause any problems) but they do not carry a huge importance to the understanding of the plot. 

Rook was fast-paced and action packed. I was never bored. The characters are very relatable and lovable. The plot twist is subtle and when I thought I knew what it was, Cameron switched it up. 

The ending was beautiful and sad. I was very close to crying because the characters really make you attached.

[SPOILERS] I understand why the author killed Spear Hammond and on one hand I understand her decision. He was a way for Sophia to grow as a character. Also, if he lived,  he would never stop trying to beat René at winning Sophia’s heart… Even though it is pretty obvious where her heart is. On the other hand, it was extremely sad because he thought Sophia had died and she was everything he ever wanted. He didn’t want to live in a world without her… That’s really tragic. [SPOILERS]

Over all, I loved this book. It has everything someone can love: romance, strong female character, action and a detestable villain. There could have been a bit more humour but I think it was appropriate that there wasn’t much and when there was humour it was fitting and hilarious. 

I recommend this book to everyone and anyone that wants something fast and different.

4.5 / 5 stars 



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