When – Victoria Laurie Review

I don’t have very many thriller YA novels that I’ve read and therefore don’t have much to compare this to. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Victoria Laurie delivers a suspenseful story with realistic characters.

When focuses on a sixteen year old girl with a relatively normal life… I say relative because she has a unique gift. Massive Fynn can see the death date of anyone she looks at. After her fathers death, her mother developed a drinking problem and Maddie reads the death date for her clients so she can keep up with house payments and bills. After doing a reading for one client, a young boy turns up dead and the FBI are pointing fingers at Maddie. When more people are discovered missing, Maddie must do whatever she can to declare her innocence and find the real killer. 

When I read the synopsis of this book I wasn’t expecting what I got. I thought it would be focused on her ability and be more paranormal but I’m happy that it wasn’t. The entire novel carried a slight eerie feeling with it that really added to the plot and made me want to keep reading. Maddie was very realistic. As a sixteen year old who is being accused of murder, she appeared very genuine. Despite her mothers drinking problem, I didn’t hate her for it, in fact I just felt very bad for her. I understood the place she was coming from and although she did frustrate me at tines, mostly I felt pity for her. 

Maddie has a very good relationship with her bestfriend that I think everyone wishes they could have. He never doubts Maddie and he never blames her even when the cops start turning their heads to him. 

I really liked the role of Maddie’s uncle and I’m happy that he was her lawyer and not a random character. 

I did not expect the the delivery guy to be the murderer however. He was the last person I thought. But it was good to be surprised.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a YA thriller and anyone who wants to be shocked for the outcome. 

4/5 stars



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