How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump!


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Hey guys! So everyone has those times when they just can’t get into reading. They try their hardest to plough through a book but it is just not happening! Well, thats okay, I am here to tell you a few things I do to get out of a reading slump!

  1. Sometimes when you’re in a reading slump, it signifies an increase of stress. Is it too hard to submerge yourself into a new world when you’re too busy worrying about your own? Well, the first thing is to figure out what you are stressed out about and solve the problem. If it’s something like school or work, then take part in an activity that calms you down. Whether it’s listening to music, playing video games, watching TV, knitting or just going for a walk, DO IT!
  2. If you have been reading for a while and you start feeling a reading slump coming on, take a break. Put the book aside for a while and do something else that entertains you and keeps you busy. It can be anything from starting a new art project, or learning a new song on your favourite instrument or maybe marathoning a new TV show on Netflix.
  3. Are you reading because you have to or because you want to? Are the books you’re reading mandatory school readings or work documents/seminars? This could be the reason you’re entering a reading slump. Take a break from the boring reading and pick up something you know you will be more interested in. Tackle that TBR shelf and go back to your mandatory reading after you’ve finished it.
  4. The book you’re currently reading is just taking forever to read? Whether the book is good and you just find yourself reading slower or whether it’s not so good and that is why it’s taking you forever, put it down! Go back to a book that you have already read and that you loved! Sometimes your brain just wants to go back into a world that is familiar.
  5. The most important step of all: NEVER FORCE YOURSELF TO READ!!! If you are just not feeling the reading scene, then take a break. The worst thing you can do is force yourself to do something you don’t want to do. We already have to do that enough in the real world, don’t let that taint your reading life for you.

Those are just some of the tips I use when I find myself getting into a reading slump. I hope this is helpful. Remember, reading is supposed to be enjoyable, don’t force yourself to read if all you need is a break. Everyone gets reading slumps and that’s okay but overcoming them is the greatest accomplishment.



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