This Song Will Save Your Life – Leila Sales Review

: sensitive topics are discussed in this book!

So this book took me by surprise, mostly because I have totally forgot what it was about before I read it. That being said, I was actually happy with where the story went.

In this novel, we follow a girl by the name of Elise who has been dealing with bullying for as long as she can remember. When her thoughts lead her into a suicidal attempt, Elise’s life begins to change. Wandering around at night because she is unable to sleep, she comes across a wild dance party where she meets a group of people who become something she’s never had: friends. This is where Elise really starts to grow up and where she finds her true passion.

At the start of the book, Elise is very much depressed. She is beaten down to the point where she wants to take her own life, and while reading this I felt very sad. I am very fortunate to have never known someone affected by bullying to this point but I think it is so tragic and Elise really allows us to get inside her head.

The two things I really like about this book:

1. The writing style – Sales does a good job of giving a narrative about a hard lived girl to a young adult audience. It’s very easy language and written sort of melodic which fits well with the theme of the book.

2. The developed character – Elise develops a generous amount throughout this book especially given that it doesn’t even take place over a year. At the beginning she’s weak minded and depressed and… Well pitiful. Towards the end she knows what she wants to do and more importantly who she wants to be and I think readers will really appreciate the big steps she takes in  achieving this.

I would have liked if Sales had flushed out her side characters a bit more and we got to learn about them some more but I understand that it is Elise’s story and we really are seeing things from her eyes. I liked Harry and Vicky almost immediately after meeting them. The one thing that bothers me is that Elise never speaks up about what is going through her head and that is a huge problem! And because she never tells her parents what’s going on, they think she’s misbehaving and therefore punish her. For the readers that’s really aggrivating because we know why Elise is doing certain things. Luckily Sales doesn’t dwell on this too long and Elise’s parents are really understanding.


Okay, Char… He is an asshole. Like how can he be so good at reading a crowd and yet be so terrible at reading Pippa and Elise? I was actually quite mad at Elise for falling for Char because I knew he was bad news from the start. (Eh, book pun 😉) I really liked Harry though, I wished Sales had written him in more. They will have a cute romance I think. Vicky I think is good company for Elise having lots in common but still being very different.

That girl with the Elise’s diary blog claiming it as art ? Like what is wrong with some people? How can you think that writing about someone’s true, hard life experiences and manipulating everything they went through and making up false thoughts is art ? No… That made me so mad.


Anyways, I enjoyed this book, it was fast-paced, short and touching and it really teaches you that you never know what someone is going through and that speaking up is important.

I recommend this to someone going through a hard time or someone who just needs to feel something.

3.5 / 5 stars