Ultimate Recommendations!

Hey Bookies!

So today I thought I would recommend some of my favourite books to you from multiple different genres. This way, you can each find something that you like! This is inspired but the March challenge C and I are doing on our Bookstagram. Hope you enjoy! (:

1. Fantasy:

A. Regular Fantasy:


Is there another answer besides Harry Potter? If you guys haven’t read Harry Potter yet because:

1. it was before your time – you should still read it because HP is timeless and I guarantee you will find something to love,
2. it was after your time – once again, it is timeless and you should not fear reading a middle grade book when you are middle aged, or older,
3. you don’t think it is your ‘thing’ – just you wait and see!
4. you are intimidated by the length of the series – no need to fear, audiobooks are here! Besides, you will be so swept up in the Wizarding World that you won’t notice the time fly by,


5. you have never heard of it until now – ……………….. Uhm, welcome to planet Earth young Alien. Please read Harry Potter so we can be friends!

B. High Fantasy:


If you have never read anything by Brandon Sanderson but you are a fan of high fantasy, then you are missing out! Sanderson is the King of Fantasy! Although, like with any high fantasy series, I suggest giving yourself plenty of time to learn and immerse yourself in this new world. It is full of all the great things a fantasy series needs:

  1. Badass Characters – Sanderson gives us a variety of characters of all ages and they  are each smart and totally kick butt!
  2. Fantastical Creatures – there are some creepy beasts in this book! Like eat your dead body and graph your bones and flesh onto my body, weird!
  3. A Cool Magic System – oh yeah, we definitely get that here! There are certain metals that when swallowed, contain magical properties and allows you to have a special ability. Of course not everyone can do this, and very few are able to use all metals.
  4. Politics – the political system in this series is interesting, and I don’t even like politics!

And Finally,

5. the seemingly impossible to defeat villain – the King! or is he really the villain?

                     C. Urban Fantasy:


Honestly, I recommend anything by Cassandra Clare and if you do decide to read her books, I suggest you read them in the following order:

  1. City of Bones (TMI)
  2. City of Ashes (TMI)
  3. City of Glass (TMI)
  4. Clockwork Angel (TID)
  5. Clockwork Prince (TID)
  6. Clockwork Princess (TID)
  7. City of Fallen Angels (TMI)
  8. City of Lost Souls (TMI)
  9. City of Heavenly Fire (TMI)
  10. The Bane Chronicles
  11. The Shadowhunters Academy
  12. 12. Lady Midnight (TDA)

What is EXTREMELY important here is that you read Clockwork Princess BEFORE City of Heavenly Fire, or else you will be terribly spoiled and you will most likely regret that decision for the rest of your life; just a heads up!

Also, The Bane Chronicles and Shadowhunters Academy do not necessarily have to be read at that specific time, you will be just fine having read them after Lady Midnight.

2. Science Fiction:

Although The Martian The Martian and the Red Rising Trilogy Red Rising Care very popular right now, if you love science fiction, you need to read:


This book is out of this world!! (pun intended) I had chills reading this which primarily has to do with the futuristic, advanced, computerized technology that begins malfunctioning, working on its own accord and eventually develop… feelings? So creepy!

Or you can try:


This one has a completely different plot than Illuminae, but it is so great! Fast paced and intense; I mean there are space pirates in this book! Talk about a book starting on the right hook… am I right? (yes, I know my jokes are lame)

That is all for now! I didn’t want to make this post super long so Ill be posting a continuation of this very soon with more genres! Stay tuned!


B ❤

6 thoughts on “Ultimate Recommendations!

  1. Great post! I completely agree about Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments! I find it so weird when people say they haven’t read them because they are amazing! Especially Harry Potter! I never say no to rereading the books and rewatching the movies. Harry Potter is everything! Also, I really want to read all the other books you mentioned so I’m really happy to hear they were good. Especially The Final Empire (that’s on my priorities list right now) and Illuminae! We’ll be reading Illuminae with my bookclub in April and I can’t wait! I already got it and it looks absolutely brilliant!


    1. Thank you! It always baffles me when people say they haven’t read Harry Potter and I really hope you like Mistborn and Illuminae. They are soo good. Definitely some of my top books! Let me know how you like Illuminae when you read it in April. I’m excited to see your reactions

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I definitely will! I’ve already browsed through the pages and thought it was brilliant so I can’t wait to get into it for good!


      2. I’ll be reading it with my bookclub for April, so I’ll have a chance to talk about it with the other members!


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