Ultimate Recommendations Part 2!

Hey Bookies!

I’m back with more recommendations! For those of you who love science fiction and fantasy, my first Ultimate Recommendations list included some books you HAVE to read! You can check it out here!

Now, for those of you who enjoy reading about a more realistic setting, keep reading, because I’m sure one of these contemporaries/romance novels will catch your eye!

1. Young Adult Contemporary:

A. Sad Contemporary: 


Contrary to what the authors name is, this book is no happy, colourful slide with a pot of gold at the end. It’s a heartbreaker and a tearjerker. Sometimes we all need to cry about someone else’s life rather than our own right? No?… Just me then. Well regardless, Rainbow Rowell will make you feel something and you cannot help falling in love with Eleanor and Park’s love story and how their love may be what sets them free or completely destroys them in the end.

B. Funny Contemporary: 


Just looking at these covers reminds me of how happy I was when I first read it! Her characters contain just the right amount of wit to make you laugh and smile with happiness. Stephanie Perkins is so good at making a realistic love story that I am a bit (maybe more than a bit) frustrated she hasn’t written another book yet!

C. Deep Contemporary: 

9. song will save

If you like reading about real life illnesses and how they affect someone in their youth, then you should look into this book. I think it is a great way for people to see the nature of bullying for what it is: despicable, terrible acts of cowardice and this book definitely has something to say about it.

D. Happy Contemporary: 

22. boyfriend

I love this book for how light and fluffy it is! It doesn’t take itself seriously, which makes the story so great to sit back and enjoy. I love the relationship build up of the two main characters and I love that the ending is bittersweet; very realistic.

E. All Combining Contemporary:

3. Saint

A contemporary list would not be completed without Sarah Dessen! She is so great at combining all of the above aspects as well as familial ties and real life hardships together. This book is my all time favourite of hers.

2. New Adult Contemporary:

Colleen HOover.jpg

Colleen Hoover is pretty much THE name of new adult fiction so it would be wrong not to include her in the list. Unfortunately, I have not read Colleen Hoover’s books so this is C’s recommendation to you since she has read her work. According to her (and I take her opinion very highly), Confess and Maybe Someday are two of her best!

3. Adult Romance

Nicholas Sparks.png

Oh yes, it’s Nicholas Sparks! If you have never read a book by Nicholas Sparks and you LOVE…. well, love? Then there is a problem! For a divorcee, he sure knows how to write em! I would personally recommend The Rescue (I think C would agree with me) and I also really enjoyed Safe Haven.

And we are done! Another list of recommendations for you lovely readers! I hope you enjoyed and I should have another list up soon!


B ❤


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