April Progress Report

Hey Bookies!

So, I thought I would let you guys know how the readings been going… or in my case, NOT going. It’s not that I don’t want to read, and I’m not in a slump, I just don’t have any time. Exams are here and stress is on overdrive.

I am slowly making my way through: KELLEY.jpg and it’s really good! I’ve missed these characters, especially Moira and Gavril.

In other news! Cass and I have taken up the ultimate task that we each have wanted to do for a VERY long time and so we decided to do it together: write a book!

It’s super early and still in its development stage but just as a teaser, here’s our working tagline:

“This is a story about survival. A story about struggle, freedom and strife, but most importantly, this is a story about family. For family is not determined by the blood flowing within your veins, but by the love beating within your heart.”

I know its super vague and doesn’t tell you anything, but like I said, it’s still really early and we’ve only just gotten started. I’m hoping to keep you guys updated on how we’re progressing.

I hope your reading month is going better than mine. Let us know what you guys are currently reading in the comments!


B ❤

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