May the 4th be with you (Star Wars day)

Hey everyone! It’s May the 4th! In case you don’t know, Star Wars is my absolute favourite fandom out there! So, what better time to discuss my love for Star Wars than on May 4th!?

So, you know those Buzzfeed type quizzes online where you answer a bunch of multiple choice questions to discover which character you’re most like in a series?? Well, I decided to take some of those quizzes and share my results with you! Let’s get started!

Quiz 1. What is your Star Wars personality? HERE

Result: the inventor.jpg Yeah, I think this is the perfect answer for me. Plus, R2-D2 is my favourite SW character so bonus!! 

Score so far: 100 %

Quiz 2. Which SW: The Last Jedi quote should be your comeback? HERE 


“Impressive – every word in that sentence was wrong.” – Luke Skywalker

Like Luke Skywalker, you tell it like it is and like to stick to the facts. You don’t get caught up in niceties and have no trouble dishing out sarcasm when needed. You would make a great teacher if you aren’t already, as long as you keep the patience of a Jedi.

Hmm… This is also pretty accurate. This is one of my favourite quotes from the movie and I find it so funny. Well done quiz,

Score so far: 100%

Quiz 3. Which SW character are you? Pt. 1 HERE


You’re Han Solo
You matched with Han Solo because you value independence, stimulation and pleasure
Uhm… I really don’t think I’m like Hans Solo at all so I’m going to say that the quiz got it wrong this time.
Score so far: 66%

Quiz 4. Which SW: The Last Jedi character are you? Pt. 2 HERE


You’re General Leia Organa!

Fierce, strong, and always determined to fight your own battles, like General Organa you’re a fantastic leader and someone that you’re whole squad can look up to. You have no trouble stepping up and making quick decisions, especially when it comes to a cause you care about. Congratulations — you’re the princess-turned-general Leia Organa!

Yes, I definitely see this more than Hans Solo.

Score so far: 75%

That’s all I’m going to do for now. This was actually lots of fun! I could get lost in the world of online quizzes if I wanted to. I’d love to know what your results are and if you agree with the ones the quizzes give you! Let mw know down below.

Until next time,


B ❤