Hey Bookies!

Bookies is what we like to call our followers/bookish friends!

Our names are Bia and Cass and we are best friends from Canada! We love to read (duh..). We also love music, movies, t.v. and hanging out at Starbucks!

We hope you like our blog and let us know if there’s ever something you want to see like tags or reviews to a specific book!

21 thoughts on “About Us

      1. Without including any personal info/addresses, the way it works is this: Once you have six people interested, you send them the address of the person before you, followed by your address. They send a book to the first address, and then pass your address on to the next person. It carries on like a chain, so each person involved should receive at least 36 books! Just let me know if you are able to participate.


      2. Ah yeah that can be a problem. I don’t know if it would be any better sending it straight from somewhere like Amazon to the recipients home?


      3. really ?? lol I think I’m confused. I’m sorry… I really want to join, I just don’t understand. So, I send one book to an address that you will provide for me?


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